Join us on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Tanzania, experiencing the breathtaking beauty and diverse ecosystems of some of Africa’s most renowned national parks. From the vast savannahs of the Serengeti to the dense forests of Tarangire, this safari offers an unparalleled opportunity to witness the majesty of African wildlife in its natural habitat. The tour culminates in the awe-inspiring Ngorongoro Crater, a testament to the raw power and beauty of nature.


Dupoto Homestay (Baraka Emanyata) Maasai village is ideally located at Esilalei 10.2 km from
Mto Wa Mbu centre. The most proximate Arusha is placed in 76.8 km from the Village.
What do travelers like about Dupoto Home stay (Baraka Emanyata) Masai village?
We provide comfortable accommodation at our Emanyata (Boma) with all the facilities and
amenities necessary for the tourist stay. We are loaded with the following services located near
us or inside the Emanyata;
 Fitness center nearby for all the sports fans
 Internet access all over the place
 Cycling tour to explore the area
 Food delivery service and special diets
 To and Fro shuttle services
 Babysitting services
 Free car parking
 Fluent English spoken by Dupoto staff
 Night fire with masai
 Stories and Tales from Maasai about their past and environment
A keep in mind: There are two options to visit Dupoto home stay village;

You can opt a day trip to our village on your way to or from Serengeti, Ngorongoro or Lake
Manyara National Park. On your arrival, you will meet our receptionist and a detailed orientation
will be given followed by;
Welcome & jumping Maasai song.
This is a welcome style to our visitors to our village. Dupoto home stay team will join together
for a welcome dance and you will be given a chance to engage in jumping and dancing like a
masai. Men will join the Morani (Warriors) and women will join masai women every group to
dance their own. You will never have this welcoming style elsewhere except by us and it is
overwhelming activity that leaves you a lifetime memory.
Traditional fire making
Masai men starting a fire a traditional way by rubbing two sticks together and igniting dry
elephant dung. You will wonder how does fire comes out of the wood without matches but you
will get enough explanation about it from Masai men.
Traditional Medicine walk
Enjoy walking with masai warrior in the Lake Manyara forest and learn more about Traditional
medicines, how they work and how masai utilizes them to cure themselves. We also sometimes
prepare some basic medicines for those who wish to taste the flavor.
Pitching spear with Masai warrior.
You will throw the spear with maasai warrior and enjoy your time with them throughout the
Village. No worries for those can’t throw for your guide will give you the very potential tips for
pitching the spear like a masai warrior.
Warrior kitchen experience
Masai warriors do not share food or kitchen with women. Masai warriors will have their separate
place for their food preparation that women are not allowed to access. Their prime food is meat
and a decoction of soup/water with local medicines. You will be provided with enough
information about the issue.
Local market
After all the activities, you will visit masai women local market to see their localy made products
and you can willingly make your purchase. Your purchase is a support to local business and you
can choose to buy or not.
This visit includes all activities for day trip above plus the followings;
Building Masai hut/houses.
The first step in building maasai houses is to build the frame which is by fixing gathered timber
poles into the ground. Thereafter, the poles are interlaced with a lattice of smaller branches
which are then plastered with a mixture of water, mud and cow dung. Finishing touches are done
with a mix of cow dung and water. In Dupoto Homestay you will get a chance to build the house
with maasai women.
Fetching water with masai women by donkeys
The task of collecting waterfalls mainly to women and children, especially girls, who carry water
using donkeys an average of 6 up to 10 kilometers (3.7 miles) a day.
Milking with maasai woman
Visiting our village will give you a chance to milk cows with maasai women early the morning
and even at the evening. In Maasai culture, cattle are highly valued. The size of your herd
indicates your status in the community, and accumulating animals rather than consuming them is
a common practice.
Learning masai diets
The traditional diet of the Masai people in Tanzania is derived mostly from their cattle. Though
they do not often eat beef; they eat milk and blood which is harvested by puncturing the loose
flesh on the cow’s neck with an arrow.
Masai traditional ceremonies
You will have a chance to learn more about masai traditional ceremonies and you will offered a
chance to practice and access to any kind engagement if willing to. The following traditional
ceremonies will be practiced;
 Masai Chief (Laigwanani) anointing ceremony
 Circumcision ceremony
 Wedding ceremony
 Child birth ceremony (Baby shower)


Duration 11 Days
Destination Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, &
Price $9,625 per person (Based on 2 people)
Accommodation Type Mid-Range Lodges and Tented Camp


A five day safari will take you throung different destination in Tanzania national parks starting from Lake manyara then The wonders of Serengeti to Ngorongoro conservation area anf finaly to Olduvai gorge. Five days of unfogetable memories click learn more to see the details

Duration 5 Day
Destination Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti
National park & Tarangire
Price $2,205 per person(Based on 2 people)
Accommodation Type Mid-Range Lodges and Tented Camps

6 days safari

Six days of unstopable adventure visiting all best national parks in Tanzania namely Ngorongoro ,Serengeti ,Lake manyara ,Olduvai Gorge, and Tarangire national park, All this time you will be arrange with good accomodation and best tour guides in the country


day 1: arusha – lake manyara

Non game-viewing travel time: 2½ hours
Distance: 130 km

Pick up from Arusha and transfer to Lake Manyara national park.
We arrive in time for lunch at the lodge and after lunch do we head into the Lake Manyara National Park for an afternoon game drive. This national park is one of Tanzania’s most dramatically located wildlife areas, consisting of a massive but shallow soda lake (covering two-thirds of the park), located at the foot of the Great Rift Valley’s western escarpment. The park’s varied habitat attracts a wide variety of animals, including one of Africa’s largest concentrations of elephants, Lake Manyara’s unique tree-climbing lions, as well as large flocks of flamingos attracted by the algae in the lake.

Dinner and overnight as per the standard and type of accommodation option requested.